Sitemap - 2022 - Extra Evil

Extra Evil - Affluenza Outbreak

Extra Evil - Seasonal Affection Disorder

Exclusive Evil - Dystopian Authors on Strike

Extra Evil - One Song Jukebox

Exclusive Evil: Two-Zero-Two-Two

Extra Evil - A Wizard is Often Late

Extra Evil - Wave Pool Piranha

Extra Evil - Breaking a Few Omelettes

Exclusive Evil - Is it Satire?

Extra Evil - Everything Abridged Sure is a Nice Book

See More Evil - The Documentary

Extra Evil - Delicious Soylent Green

Extra Evil - Replaced by Robots

Exclusive Evil – Vote or Die Returns

Exclusive Evil – The Unprecedented Drinking Game

Extra Evil - Badder Blood

Extra Evil: Reality Patch Notes

Extra Evil: Tom Lehrer's Birdhouse

Extra Evil - The Great Flood

Extra Evil - Fistfighting Bane

Extra Evil: The Way of All Flesh

Exclusive Evil - The Newest New Rule

Extra Evil - Robert Frost Misquotes

Extra Evil: Educational Malpractice Insurance

Exclusive Evil - Meanwhile, in a Stalled Elevator

Extra Evil - Involuntary Homecoming

Extra Evil - Strip-Mining Silver Linings

How 2 Rite Gud 2 - The Nine Plus One Commandments

Extra Evil: Burning House Fire Sale

Extra Evil: The Slowest Week Yet

Extra Evil - Alien vs. Predator Drone

Extra Evil - We Won't Rock You

Extra Evil - Deep Fried Planet

Extra Evil - Gold Roger's Secret

Exclusive Evil - My Modern Love Reject

How 2 Rite Gud - Preface

Extra Evil - The Flammable Sky

Exclusive Evil: Sorry For All That Racial Profiling

Extra Evil: Courthouse Rock

Minutes from Thursday's Book-Burning Meeting

Extra Evil - Burnout Paradise

Hopefully Mankind Can Avoid This Totally Sweet Cyberpunk Dystopia

Extra Evil - Roman Fiddle Concert

Extra Evil: In Praise of Flamewars

Extra Evil - One-Hit Wonder

Extra Evil - Liftoff

Comedy Needs More Titles Explaining the Entire Joke

Extra Evil - The Real Hidden Secret Unrevealed Truth

Extra Evil - Corinthian Pillars

Saving Democracy with Body Pillows

Extra Evil - Imperial Decline and You

A Minor Note from Management

Extra Evil - Old Horizons

In Theory, How Would One Defect from a Troll Farm? [Exclusive Evil]

Extra Evil - The Night Before Substack

Leaked Babylon Bee Headlines [Exclusive Evil]

I’ll Fix SubStack’s PR for a Wheelbarrow Full of Money

Extra Evil: Smoking Rewards Program

Extra Evil: Easy Answers

Extra Evil - Delirium Edition

Extra Evil: Written at 4 AM

Extra Evil – Tell Your Friends

Extra Evil: La Vie en Poser

Extra Evil – Lightning Round

Extra Evil – Nuke-Proof Shed

Extra Evil – No Personal Growth Allowed

Extra Evil – Undead Weight

Extra Evil – Self-Harm Guru

Extra Evil – Extra Early