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Whatever it was, I was falling apart laughing (inwardly). I think it was comedy, literary categories be damned. I shared with Andy Kaufman, Lydia Davis, Samuel Beckett and Groucho Marx. I asked them to send you their scores.

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> Ken says, “Hello Barbie.”

> Barbie knees Ken in the crotch.

> Nothing happens.

That’s just a neat little joke, ironic or not :)

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Finally! Fun at parties.

#20 is a masterpiece of modern literature. #28 is the gospel truth.


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Thank you for this. Consider it shared.

> This newsletter looks back at me while I am naked; as I take the red pill—

Neo uploads himself into the crotch

There is no spoon

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I nearly skipped to the punchline. On my way down I saw the word Tralfamadorians -- I became unstuck from time. I went to the Planet Iowa Writers Workshop and saw Vonnegut eating Flannery O'Connor's brain, with a spoon. It was gross so I got restuck on purpose. I never should have travelled to a planet run by an MfA program. There was no satire there.

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22 was my favorite, until I got to 39. 🙃 I should speak less, but I was close to being close! 😂

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one hopes the obvious sequel -- "is it irony?" -- is forthcoming. looking forward to that one. satire i understand but irony? help us, exclusive evil. you're our only evil hope.

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A wonderful story which makes one ponder many important questions:

1) With all that genital kneeing, how did Bill and Phil ever find time to write?

2) What are genitals? (asking for a friend)

3) Will we ever, as the human race, stop kneeing one another in the genitals and instead come together in peace and harmony to caress one another’s genitals?

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I enjoyed this so much. It's like Waiting for Godot, except Godot shows up in every scene with a strike to the scrotum.

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